WARcommand Productions Inc.

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WARcommand Productions Home Page. 

Phone: (325) 333-7920

Webmaster: Mekil Hawkins

WARcommand Productions Inc. News 

WARcommand Productions will update the Versions Of Minecraft to 1.7.9 When It comes out.

If You Would Like use to put an event or a Picture with a description. Please donate $5 dollars to post. 

changes once a week so if you want to keep it Please donate to Get V.I.P 

Server is down Until The Updates Are Done Thank You And have a Good Day.

Social Networking.

WARcommand Productions Inc. V.I.P Rank  

Here In WARcommand Productions We Have Rank that you Earn by Donating to the Website and WARcommand Productions Inc. So If You Like What we Have and you want to donate then Get V.I.P You Get Event Posting rights and Become a [MOD] Of the Website.

Donate $5.00 and get V.I.P

Thank You For Donating to  

WARcommand Productions Inc

WARcommand Productions Inc. Servers Online.

WARcommand Productions Inc. [ ]

Donate At Least $20 for this Server Thank you.


Event Posting

Homepage Main event posting is now only $5/post. Only limited to 1 post per person. If you have any questions Send an email to [email protected]

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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